Yes, decorating an apartment is a big deal, especially if it is your first place. It can be very overwhelming if you have no idea where to start. Your apartment is the place you go home to after a busy day, so it should be comfortable and you should like it. It is always nice to come home and be reminded that you are, indeed, home – the place you can relax and ease your mind – not just some rental apartment or a place where you sleep. Clutter or furniture that seems to be out of place can be a huge eyesore. A messy and not well-decorated apartment will only add to your stress.

You might be wondering how people completely furnish their spaces and how they fill up their rooms to make it beautiful. You’re running out of ideas, and you don’t know how to make your furniture look good. Of course, it can be hard to transform that space into a home, but there are some easy tips and elements you can consider. 

The first thing before you start decorating is to find out your style and what you want. Sure, the function of the furniture is very important, but it should also be made in the style that you like and it should make you feel happy. Finding your style will help a lot in deciding what to buy, but you should not be afraid to try new things in your home décor. Many rental apartments come with a feature that you might hate, and that you have no control over. Therefore, instead of forcing a theme and ignore the feature that you hate, learn to style with it. Try every combination and play around with them. 

You should also quit doubting yourself. Give up that perfectionism and deal with the fact that you are going to make some mistakes. Decorating an apartment involves a lot of trial and errors. Once you decide on what you want, the next step is to make a list of all the essentials for your room. Some elements can make a big difference to the look of a room; here are some elements that you should consider adding to your apartment.


  • Good Lighting


Jarmoluk, Pixabay

Good lighting is the easiest way to improve a space, both with natural light and light fixtures. It is best to let as much light into your rooms, but that does not mean you should leave the window bare without any window treatments. It makes the room look unfinished, and you will not have privacy.  If you do not know what kind of window treatments to buy, always choose a simple neutral shade. Sheer curtains in flowing fabric will make your room feel more polished, and you can layer it with shades to block out unwanted light at night.

At night when there is no natural light, you can make a huge difference in how your apartment looks by optimizing your lighting fixtures. Try to have two different light sources in every room. You can choose a floor lamp, a table lamp, or an overhead light fixture. Make sure all the fixtures can create a sense of flow in the apartment.


  • Always Add a Plant


Adding plants make your apartment so much lovelier and put together. It can make any room look cleaner since they are able to cover up stains on your walls or ugly cords on your floors. Plants also have many practical benefits. When you put them strategically, it can help to reduce noise and make your apartment more peaceful and quiet. 


  • Don’t Be Afraid of Using Color


The easiest way to decorate a house is with neutral colors, but it can get pretty boring. You can start with a neutral base then mix in some color. Use colorful rugs or buy yellow chairs, experiment with it. Just remember not to go too crazy because instead of looking vibrant and sophisticated, your room will look like a mess.


  • Mirrors for Small Spaces


Mirrors, when you use them creatively, it can create an illusion that a room is bigger than what it is. You can put them in narrow hallways or tiny rooms. They are also great to capture light and project light to dark corners. Place the mirror next to a window to let it catch the light and to bounce the light all over the room. 

These four tips are the most common and essential way to decorate an apartment, whether it is a spacious loft or a tiny studio. Try incorporating them into your room and see what a big difference they can make.