With a charming culture, friendly people, and beautiful landscape, Chiang Mai is loved by many, and it attracts nearly 2 million foreign tourists each year. The city boasts over three hundred Buddhist temples, making it the most culturally significant city in northern Thailand. You can enjoy incredible food markets, tour the pristine jungles, see rescued elephants, or hang out in hip bars and cafes. Many tourists are so fascinated with this city that they end up staying longer. Other than being a tourist’s magnet, the city is also a popular spot for expats and digital nomads thanks to its relaxing vibe and year-round pleasant weather.

The top-class infrastructure in the city offers a wide range of accommodation for tourists to choose from. Whether you want to visit on a budget or you want to enjoy all the luxurious activity and accommodation, Chiang Mai is the perfect place for any type of traveler. To make your holiday extra special, you should consider renting a villa. It is the best choice for anyone who wants to enjoy more privacy and get away from crowded hotels. There are many villas equipped with the latest gadgets and equipment. Some villas even offer private swimming pools and lush green gardens so you can swim in the middle of nature.

Staying in a villa in Chiang Mai allows you to have all the facilities for yourself and you do not have to share anything with strangers. You can go swimming in the middle of the night if you want to or wake up super late for breakfast if you are not a morning person. A lot of villas around the city is serviced, meaning the villas provide everything from free airport transfers, high-speed Wi-Fi, laundry service, and even delightful meals three times a day with no extra charge! Also, the staff can work based on your preference, so you do not have to worry about being disturbed, and you can fully enjoy your time in the villa.

A villa is very practical if you are traveling in a group, be it with your family or your friends. It gives everyone some personal space, but you can also hang out in the living room or the terrace together without having to worry about other guests. And although renting a villa can sound very expensive, it is more affordable than a 5-star hotel because you can always divide the cost instead of paying for individual rooms.  

There is a plethora of choice to fit your budget, from luxurious modern mansions to simple studio apartments. If you want to feel closer to the local culture, you can opt for a traditionally styled villa with Thai ambiance and furniture. There is plenty of sizes, style, and view, whether you want to stay in the middle of a jungle or a villa with a mountain view. The best location to rent a villa if you want to be closer to temples, restaurants, and be well connected to the city is in the Old Town by the side of the Ping River in Mueang Chiang Mai. You can also find various exceptional villas in Hang Dong.

Now that you know how wondrous your holiday will be by renting a villa in Chiang Mai, all you have to do is find the perfect villa that will suit your taste and enjoy the rest of your holiday!