• For years, the Indonesian island of Bali has been a top tropical tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches, its ancient temples, and its rich local history. Bali has long been famous for being one of the most popular destinations in the world for surfers, though you don’t have to surf in order to appreciate all the fine things that Bali has to offer. It boasts warm weather all year round and it attracts an almost endless influx of tourists who come for the tropical beaches and vibrantly authentic Balinese culture. With roughly 5 million tourists passing through each year, it’s easy to see how Bali earned its nickname, “the Island of the Gods”.
  • Because of the inexpensive nature of life on Bali, someone from the West can enjoy a quality of life here that they might only dream of back home. Rent and utilities will only set you back between roughly 600 and 1700 a month depending on your budget (though one can live even more affordable than that if they wanted to), and gasoline is only USD 0.62 per liter. Domestic beer at a bar or club will cost about USD 1.75 and a bottle of mid-range wine only USD 13.90. Life on Bali is equal parts exciting and relaxing. The weather is good; the locals are friendly and the beaches picturesque. The general pace of things is much slower than in the West and anybody looking to “get away from it all” will need to look no further.
  • There is a wide range of villas to choose from when considering renting in Bali, and there are styles and sizes to fit every budget. From smaller units that rent for modest sums starting in the USD 250-400 range, to extravagant, multi-bedroom options that begin as low as USD 500, the wealth of rental options here in Bali is vast. Villas often come with private swimming pools, well-manicured tropical gardens and a plethora of amenities, from game rooms to private movie theaters to saunas. While the majority of villas in Bali can be found in the most popular spots (Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu), there are rental options in every part of the island.
  • The average cost of living plus rent in the U.S. is 93.98% higher than in Indonesia, which means you can save more money over time and ultimately enjoy a far more pleasant quality of life than you might back home.

  • Where to Rent a Villa
  1. For those who prefer an urban setting, Denpasar is the only metropolitan city on Bali, and it provides all the recognizable comforts of big city life. Here, one can find shopping, nightlife, and fine dining, as well as a wide array of renting options.
  2. Easily one of the busiest and most tourist-friendly areas on the island, Kuta provides all the sand, surf and sun one comes to associate with Bali. Popular with surfers and the party crowd, there’s always something to do on Kuta, as well as an abundance of villas for rent.
  3. Equally as popular as Kuta, Seminyak has carved out a reputation for itself as one of the most exciting spots in Bali. There is no shortage of exciting activities to be found, as well as upscale dining and nightlife. There is a vast array of villas to choose from here.
  4. Quickly becoming one of Bali’s hottest regions in the last few years, Canggu has become extremely popular with backpackers and twenty-somethings and is home to both active nightlife and breathtaking scenery. There is no shortage of excitement or rental options in Canggu.