Finding a place to live in a new country does not feel all that difficult until you go to Paris and face a very complex system. It could be easy for you to find a house in your own country where you are familiar with the system and language. But it may take longer and may even take up to three months to find a suitable apartment in Paris. So start your search as soon as possible but only after reading more about it and understanding the system.

Your search needs to be at the right time of year. August is a busy month with people traveling and they will come back in September and you cannot find a house quickly. A similar situation may prevail during Christmas. The Cost of a rental apartment differs in various parts of the city. You need to understand one fact clearly that it is not a good idea to select an apartment without seeing first, as you will need to ensure the condition of the place that you are going to live in for a long duration. So even if you are an Expat, you will have to come to the city and look around before signing a lease. So keep some reasonable time frame in mind that will allow you to see apartments, sign the lease and then move in.

The owners and landlords would also give a house on rent only if they know that the tenants are going to take care of their property. They prefer to give their apartments to people that they know. A good idea would be to walk around and see the city on foot, not all of it but the parts that you are interested in. This will also help you to find out if a particular building is Pet-friendly or not. Some apartments may have pretty strict rules about allowing pets to stay there.

You can find out the local rents online or from the local agents. Though there are many newspapers that carry advertisements for apartments to rent, word of mouth also helps to find an apartment quickly. Le Figaro has a large classifieds section.  Here you can find out about apartments and their details like whether they are Furnished. The rent can be discussed online or on phone and a contract can be drawn up with the help of solicitors. During your stay, minor repairs in the apartment and its furnishing are normally taken care of by the tenant.

Local knowledge is important and dealing with the owners should be done in a professional manner. Get the help of an experienced agent who can help to draw up a Long term contract for you. You need to appreciate the fact that properties are not easily available in France due to their prices. Many people struggle to find even a small one-room apartment. The Monthly rent may seem like a lot in the beginning if you compare it with the rent in many other countries. But the charm of staying in the city of dreams, Paris, cannot be ignored. You know that you are living in one of the most romantic places in the world. Do not give up easily if the process seems complicated. With the right agent, you can find the right apartment soon enough.